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Low Profile Mezzanine for CompactPCI® Serial CPU Cards
M.2 NVMe SSD Storage

Four Gigabit Ethernet Networking Controllers for Backplane Support

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S82-P6 • Low Profile Mezzanine Module • M.2 NVME SSD & 4 x GbE NIC
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Low Profile Mezzanine Card for CPU Boards

M.2 SSD (NVMe PCIe x4 Gen3)
4 x Gigabit Ethernet NICs for IP over Backplane (Star/Mesh)

Available as a mezzanine add-on expansion board e.g. to the SC5-FESTIVAL and successor CPU carrier cards, the main purpose of the S82-P6 is to provide a Solid State Drive mass storage solution, and in addition to supply the backplane with four Gigabit Ethernet ports.

The S82-P6 is equipped with an M.2 PCIe x4 socket, suitable for a high speed NVMe type SSD module, with a maximum capacity of 2TB as of current, sufficient for installation of an operating system and also data storage.

Four discrete Gigabit Ethernet controllers (aka NIC) are provided on-board, for CompactPCI® Serial backplane communication via the P6 connector according to the 1000BASE-T interface standard.

The Intel® I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet controllers support latest networking features such as Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and Time Sensitive Networking (TSN).

Ethernet is the preferred interface for a multiprocessing configuration. With a suitable Ethernet enabled CompactPCI® Serial backplane, both networking architectures are supported, either single star for reasonable backplane cost, or full mesh for optimum system flexibility.

The S82-P6 connects to the mezzanine expansion connectors HSE1 and HSE2 of the CompactPCI® Serial CPU carrier board, maintaining the 4HP (20.32mm) total assembly height.

S82-P6 • Low Profile Mezzanine Module • M.2 NVMe SSD & 4 x GbE NIC

S82-P6 • Low Profile Mezzanine Module

The S82-P6 is equipped with four independent Intel® I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet networking controllers. The industrial temperature grade NICs incorporate integrated 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet transceivers, which are wired across magnetics modules to the CompactPCI® Serial backplane connector P6. The networking controllers communicate with the CPU carrier card via PCI Express® links, passed through the mezzanine interface connector HSE2.

A CPU carrier card assembly with the S82-P6 mezzanine typically would be inserted into the system slot of a CompactPCI® Serial backplane, suitable for either star architecture networking, or full mesh backplane Ethernet. Both structures allow backplane multiprocessing and other Ethernet bound communication over P6/J6 between CompactPCI® Serial boards. The I210-IT networking controllers are suitable for Time-Sensitive Applications (TSN).

Feature Summary

Form Factor
  • Proprietary size mezzanine module
  • Fits basically into the 4HP (20.3mm) envelope of the CPU carrier board
  • Typically delivered as a ready to use assembly unit (including CPU card)
  • Mounting position right (on top of a CPU board

Host I/F Connectors HSE1/HSE2
  • High speed mezzanine connectors
  • Suitable for PCI Express® Gen3
  • Bottom mount male connectors HSE1 and HSE2 (high speed expansion)
  • Mating with the carrier card female connectors HSE1/2
  • Board-to-board height 10.8mm for a 4HP assembly
  • PCI Express® 1x4 support (dedicated to the NVMe SSD module M.2 socket
  • Power sourcing 12V/1.5 A maximum continuous current (2 pins)
  • PCI Express® 4x1 support (dedicated to the PCIe® based on-board Gigabit Ethernet controllers)
  • Power sourcing 12V/3.0 A maximum continuous current (4 pins)

M.2 NVMe Module Connector
  • Single M.2 socket, maximum M.2 size 2280 (M.2 formerly known as NGFF)
  • Suitable for M.2 NVMe SSD module, key Id M, PCIe x4 I/F
  • PCIe x4 sourced via HSE1 mezzanine connector
  • Maximum (theoretical) 32Gbps I/O data transfer rate (Gen3 PCIe 8GT/s)
  • Power switch, undervoltage lockout, short-circuit protection, quick discharge
  • Module dimensions 2230/2242/2260/2280, screw fixed
  • Module height (Label) S1-S5

Gigabit Ethernet NICs
  • Four independent Intel® I210-IT PCI Express® Gigabit Ethernet controllers
  • 9.5KB Jumbo Frame support
  • Hardware-based time stamping (IEEE 1588)
  • 802.1AS Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications
  • IEEE 802.1Qav compliant Audio-Video Bridging (AVB)
  • IPv4, IPv6, TCP/UDP checksum offloads
  • Based on four PCI Expess® x1 links derived from the mezzanine connector HSE2
  • Driver support for all major operating systems

  • Low profile mezzanine module for EKF CPU Cards (SC4-CONCERTO and later)
  • 4HP assembly CPU carrier board and S82-P6 mezzanine card
  • Adds SSD mass storage and backplane Ethernet networking to the CPU carrier
  • M.2 based mass storage, 1 x M.2 PCIe x4 socket (NVMe)
  • On-board GbE NICs for backplane communication and multiprocessing via backplane connector P6, four GbE ports (suitable for single star architecture or full mesh or RIO)

Environmental & Regulatory
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany
  • ISO 9001 certified quality management
  • Long term availability
  • Rugged solution
  • Coating, sealing, underfilling on request
  • Lifetime application support
  • RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature 0°C to +70°C
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C (industrial temperature range) on request
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C, max. gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity 5% ... 95% RH non condensing
  • Altitude -300m ... +3000m
  • Shock 15g 0.33ms, 6g 6ms
  • Vibration 1g 5-2000Hz
  • MTBF 49.0 years
  • EC Regulatory EN55022, EN55024, EN60950-1 (UL60950-1/IEC60950-1)

S82-P6 • Simplified Block Diagram

S82-P6 • Simplified Block Diagram

S82-P6 Low Profile Mezzanine Module

S82-P6 Low Profile Mezzanine Module
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